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Our goal is to maintain the county's roads year-round in a condition reasonably safe and convenient for travel. If you come across an unsafe condition such as a stop sign knocked down, a tree blown across a road, or other condition requiring immediate attention, report it to us, or during non-business hours to the Meceola Central Dispatch at (231)796-4811.
This website is intended to provide you with information common to our operations, but please do not hesitate to call us with any questions.
Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday
April 3rd - September 30th

6:00 am - 4:30pm

Monday - Friday
October 1st - April 3rd 
7:00 am - 3:30pm

Stay at least 200 feet away!

If you can't see mirrors

Give 200 feet of space

Stay Safe


120 North Dekrafft Avenue
Big Rapids, MI  49307
(231)796-5287 (Fax)