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Job Opening: CDL Truck Driver

Seasonal Summer Worker


                The Mecosta County Road Commission is accepting applications for the position of temporary seasonal summer work. Applicants must possess a valid driver’s license. Starting wage is $12.00/hour. Applicants must be able to pass a pre-employment physical and drug screen. Applications are available on our website or at the Road Commission office. Send resume/application to:  Mecosta County Road Commission, 120 N DeKrafft Avenue, Big Rapids, MI  49307 by May 9, 2019.  Resumes/applications will be accepted by email at
Mecosta County Road Commission is an Equal Opportunity Employer.





The Mecosta County Road Commission is accepting applications for the position of Seasonal Engineering Technician I until the position is filled. This is seasonal work is typically required from May to September.  A Job description and application are available at Send resume and application to:  Mecosta County Road Commission, 120 N DeKrafft Avenue, Big Rapids, MI  49307, or by email at


Mecosta County Road Commission is an Equal Opportunity Employer.





(Expect 40 hours per week, overtime is possible)


Hourly Salary:   $15.00 - $20.00 - Commensuratewith experience 


RequiredDocuments: Resume, cover letter, copy of college transcripts if applicable, and application

Employer: Mecosta County Road Commission

                     120 N. DeKrafft

                     Big Rapids, Michigan 49307

Supervisor: Assistant Superintendent

 General Summary:

Performs a variety of duties related to road and bridge design and construction, development evaluation and construction. Helps collect survey information and assists engineers in drafting plans and cost estimates for construction projects. Assists with construction project inspection to assure quality and conformance to standards and specifications. Operates land survey and traffic data collection equipment. Responds to the public, maintains records and performs other technical and administrative tasks associated with the Department of Road and Transportation operations.

 Essential Functions:

  1. Using field notes and standard specifications, helps draws proposed plans for road or bridge improvements. Computes existing and proposed grades and quantities for cost analysis. Helps Survey, plan, prepare drawings and inspect various Road Department projects.


  1. Assists in a variety of engineering field studies pertaining to pavement thickness, soils investigation, traffic volume, vehicle turning movements, culvert and storm sewer inventories, etc.


  1. Inspects construction contract work and annual Road Department system improvement programs to ensure that work meets standard specifications, plans and proposals. Performs sampling and testing of materials. Helps layout construction project staking and ensures proper placement of work zone signing and traffic control devices.


  1. Measures, computes and keeps records of materials used and work performed in the field. Helps compute and compile final quantities of construction work performed by contractors and prepares various reports for review. Assists in the compilation of proper project documentation.


  1. Works within a survey crew in gathering topographic information and laying out projects. Uses level, transit, total station, rod chain and other instruments, as required, to accomplish layout, staking, and grading direction for contractors and Road Department crews.


  1. Performs minor repairs on Road Department equipment and maintains equipment inventory, as directed.


  1. Responds to information requests and complaint calls from the general public, as directed. Enters complaint data into the Road Department computer database. May investigate inquiries and complaints from the public and mitigates complaints regarding construction, construction traffic control, and access problems.


  1. Performs office work such as filling out forms, keeping records, filing documents and reproducing documents or drawings. Tabulates measurements and field data, maintains related records, prepares support materials, diagrams and drafts various written reports for review.


  1. Provides information related to particular projects and performs various administrative tasks as directed.


  1. Assists with claims against parties responsible for damaging Road Department property and appears in Small Claims Court when necessary to enforce payment.


  1. Assists with updates of road certificates, maps, road inventories, etc.


  1. Attends a variety of workshops and seminars and reads periodicals and other related materials to stay current on new developments, techniques and methods.

 Other Functions:

  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Must adhere to departmental standards in regard to HIPAA and other privacy issues.
  • During a public health emergency, the employee may be required to perform duties similar to but not limited to those in his/her job description.

(An employee in this position may be called upon to do any or all of the above tasks. These examples do not include all of the tasks which the employee may be expected to perform.)

 Employment Qualifications:

Education:   A minimum of a high school diploma.  Experience/education in land surveying methods, construction inspection, computer-aided drafting or a related field is preferred.

Experience with current MDOT project documentation, specifications and requirements are highly preferred.

Preferred skills:

  • Bituminous Testing
  • Bituminous Paving
  • Aggregate Testing
  • Density Control, including certification in an approved Nuclear Safety Program.
  • Concrete Testing
  • Work Zone Safety
  • SESC (Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control) or Storm Water Operator
  • Concrete Construction Inspector (ACI)
  • Concrete Paving and Structures (MDOT inspection school)

 Software Knowledge: FieldBook, Roadsoft, Spreadsheets, Word, Drafting
Must possess a valid Michigan Motor Vehicle Operator’s License.
(The qualifications listed above are intended to represent the minimum skills and experience levels associated with performing the duties and responsibilities contained in this job description. The qualifications should not be viewed as expressing absolute employment or promotional standards, but as general guidelines that should be considered along with other job-related selection or promotional criteria)

 Physical Requirements:

  • Sitting,  walking,  standing,  bending  and  lifting/holding/carrying  objects  found  in  an  office environment.
  • Walking, bending and twisting on pavement, dirt and other outdoor surfaces in various weather conditions.
  • Occasional lifting of items up to 50 pounds.
  • Ability to communicate and respond to co-worker and customer inquiries both in person and over the phone.
  • Ability to operate a PC/laptop and to enter & retrieve information from a computer.
  • Ability to handle varying and often high levels of stress.

 (This job requires the ability to perform the essential functions contained in this description. These include, but are not  limited to, the requirements  listed above. Reasonable accommodations  will be made for otherwise qualified applicants unable to fulfill one or more of these requirements.)

 Working Conditions:

  • The typical work environment occurs in an office setting where sensory experience includes uniform temperatures, conversational noise and everyday office activities.
  • Occasionally  the  work  environment  occurs  outside  where  exposure  to  temperature,  weather conditions, allergens and loud noises are increased.


Date prepared:  3/25/2019


120 North Dekrafft Avenue
Big Rapids, MI  49307
(231)796-5287 (Fax)